Commercial and Industrial Sites

There are Regulatory, Environmental and Commercial reasons for adopting SMART Metering; the latter being the most compelling:

SMART Meter Macs is the optimum system for facility Managers, cost effectively enables the timely and accurate monitoring of consumption – power, heat, water, gas, in specific parts of a building or on individual assets, enhancing a companies’ ability to efficiently manage usage and devise strategies to lower operating costs.

Also, Tenants can be given 24/7 access to their own usage data, so they can monitor and work towards reducing their costs.

Improve Operational Efficiency:

  • SMART Metering – Intelligent, Accurate, Automated
  • Monitor, Manage & Control securely from any office
  • Turn a supply on or off from the office
  • Instantly see Supplies assigned and to whom
  • Obtain Real Time Status Information and Alarms e.g. Power Fail
  • Extensive financial and management information, reports and analysis

Recover Costs, Improve Cash Management:

  • Accurately reconcile all usage to users
  • Options for pre-pay and account billing
  • Better manage peak demand with variable tariffs, e.g. off-peak
  • Easily and quickly pass on tariff changes
  • Instant Meter and Customer Balance Reports

Improve Customer Service:

  • Ensure each customer only pays for their usage
  • 24/7 on-line usage information
  • 24/7 payment facility

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