Marinas, Harbours & Ports

Vessel owners are looking for more than just a safe and secure haven when choosing where to moor, the provision of Water and Power are minimum additional services required.

Many vessels are floating homes with numerous modern conveniences. Commercial vessels can require even more utilities when in port. No-one wants to be in the vicinity of a moored vessel that is continually running its engine or a generator for power.

Improve Operational Efficiency:

  • SMART Metering – Intelligent, Accurate, Automated
  • Manage & Control utilities securely from any of your offices
  • Restrict usage to authorised customers.
  • Remote switching – turn a supply on or off
  • Instantly see – Supplies not allocated – Supplies assigned and to whom
  • Obtain Real Time Status Information and Alarms e.g. Power Fail, RCD Trip
  • System diagnostics monitors and reports
  • Solution options for static and roaming customers
  • Extensive financial and management information, reports and analysis

Recover Costs, Improve Cash Management:

  • Accurately reconcile all usage to users
  • Options for pre-pay and account billing
  • Better manage peak demand with variable tariffs, e.g. off-peak
  • Timed usage for visitors / auto turn-off
  • Easily and quickly pass on tariff changes
  • Instant Meter and Customer Balance Reports

Improve Customer Service:

  • Ensure each customer only pays for their usage
  • 24/7 on-line usage information
  • 24/7 payment facility
  • Automatic email notifications e.g. Unplugged, Top-up needed / Account Balance…

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