The Business Case


Economic regulators Ofwat and Ofgem stipulate rules for resellers of utilities that no direct profit can be made from purchasers in the resale at a site. In certain circumstances, only a standing charge can be recovered on a pro-rata basis according to the usage of all those supplied at a particular property or site. Therefore, effective and accurate management of reseller utilities is vital so that it does not become a drain on the business, and on the bottom line.

The Business Case

An important part of how we help you maximise the efficiency of utilities at your site and stop them becoming a drain on your business is by providing you with a Management System and your very own Client Console.

To gain access to your Client Console, Meter-MACS will provide you with a login, username and password which will allow you to view a vast amount of information and enable you to better manage your customers’ needs. For example, if a pre-pay customer is running low on credit, your management system will automatically alert them via email or SMS that they need to top up. It also has simple, practical features, such as enabling you to allocate specific bays or berths and alerting you to any customer problems or issues. It means you can run your business in a fairer, more transparent fashion where every customer only pays for what they use.

For many of our existing clients, their Client Console takes away a lot of the stress that comes with managing the utilities at their site. By cutting down on paperwork it frees up office space and time, cuts staff admin costs and makes what can be a problematic and costly part of their business hassle-free.

Working in unison with the Client Console is the Customer Console, a facility which allows your customers to login to their own personal account and manage it. Depending on whether they are on a pre-pay or credit account, your customers can view and print statements, check their current balance, add credit to their account and update their personal details. This can even work at sites where Customer Roaming is enabled and individuals are not allocated a specific socket or utility point.