SMART Solutions for a Better Future

SMART Meter MACS is the optimum system that enables facility Operators to cost-effectively control, manage and recharge usage and service costs, whilst improving the service provided to their customers.

Meter MACS SMART Utility Metering

We have developed a range of bespoke, technologically advanced applications specifically designed for the leisure, electric vehicle charging, commercial and industrial sectors.
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Leasure Parks & Caravan Sites

A solution specifically designed for owners or contractors of caravan parks, campsites, mobile home developments, chalets, cabins and lodges.

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Marinas, Harbours & Ports

Our first leading system specially developed for marinas, ship yards and mooring site operators.

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Commercial and Industrial Sites

We also operate with the commercial and industrial sectors where facilities and utilities may be shared, such as factories, warehouses, workshops, offices, youth hostels and universities.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Our system is also used by a number of EV charging stations to monitor the amount of energy consumed by the charge so that customers can be billed appropriately.

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What a SMART Meter MACS System Can Do For You

The SMART Meter MACS system will bring a number of benefits to your business.

Operational Efficiency

Delivering utilities is a fundamental requirement for service providers, however uncontrolled distribution of these utilities (electricity, water, gas, etc.) at point of use can result in excessive consumption, the costs of which are borne by the provider.

Meter-MACS provides a low cost, user-friendly solution that enables cost-effective monitoring and control, with the result that operational costs will be minimised and related revenues maximised.

Recover Costs, Improve Cash Management:

Employing easy-to-use software and cost-saving technology, Meter-MACS brings total control to service providers.

Wherever there’s a need for monitoring and control, whatever the size of facility, Meter-MACS provides the ultimate solution for your needs.

Customer Service

Our modular software system allows you to cost-effectively manage the supply of services and utilities, providing real-time status, alarms, reporting and billing.

This provides a number of benefits to you and your customers by improving revenues, reducing hidden costs and improving customers service.

Why SMART Meter MACS Metering

Our SMART metering system has been built with the customer in mind at every step.

The Meter

Our SMART Meter has been developed in house with our sister companies DVR and RCM. The meter is simple to install and also links in with our management system with ease making installation simple.

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Once the meter is connected to the management system we are able to access a number of features that will make management of your utilities and site a breeze.

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The Gateway

Our gateway is your customers interface with there account. This system gives them total control of their utilities usage and assets allowing them to keep control of there own usage.

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SMART Meter MACS Key Features

A range of great features sets us apart from other systems. Take a look at just a few of them below.

  • Monitoring

    By continually communicating with all services connected to out meters, should an issue be detected e.g. power tripped or outage, your staff will be promptly alerted so pro-active action can be taken.

  • Pre-Pay

    No need for pre-pay cards, credit is added directly to the customer’s account to which usage is automatically charged against. Your customers can Top-up their prepay account by phoning or visiting the office or by Logging onto their secure ‘Web Dashboard & Sagepay Payment Gateway’

  • Account Billing

    Meters are continually read, consumption accurately assessed and bills automatically created and despatched at a frequency of choice – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly.

  • Timed Usage

    Supplies can be set to automatically switch off at a pre-set date/time

  • Control

    Essential to both the business and its customers, services are restricted to authorised users and usage correctly charged – Account, Pre-pay, Timed Usage

  • Customer Interface

    Meter-MACS Keypads enable customers to activate power to the socket plugged into and to check their balance, ‘Pre-pay’ or ‘Account’, using their secure PIN numbers and/or optional Fobs.

  • Access Control

    Barriers, gates, doors are integrated into one system across your business allowing you complete control over access to your site.

  • Messaging

    Personalised emails or text messages can be automatically sent advising customers of notifications such as ‘Low Balance’, ‘Power Failure’ and ‘Unplugged’.

  • 24/7 Web Services

    Providing your customers with a 24/7 access to the gateway dashboard reducing your administration and allowing your customers to take control of their services.

  • Variable Tariff

    Adjust your charges to allow for peek and off-peek charges allowing you to pass on your tariff charges to customers.

  • Reporting Tools

    An exstensive range of reporting tools out of the box to allow you to understand your business better using key financial and management information.