Customer Benefits and the Customer Gateway

It’s not only you who benefits from the management and reporting tools – your own customers can too.

As a company our aim is to improve and enhance something that we like to call the ‘customer utility purchase experience’ (how customers buy water, electric or gas on your site) – which means greater transparency and access to information regarding their consumption of utilities. Customers can easily access and amend personal information to better manage their usage through the Customer Console facility. Find out more about this by visiting our Business Case page.

Depending on the type of system installed, your own customers can even benefit from the provision of automated E-mail and SMS texts, alerting pre-pay utility customers to situations such as ‘Power failure’, ‘Unplugged’ or ‘Low Balance’.

  • Customer 24/7 Dashboard with Secure Payment Gateway
  • SMART Meter MACS enables facility operators to provide each of their customers with a secure personalised Dashboard accessible 24/7 from their Computer or Smart Phone
  • Enhance your business and improve the service provided to your customers

Multi Utility Support
The 24/7 Dashboard gives your customers the ability to monitor their usage of each of the utilities you supply to them – Power, Heat, Water, Gas.

Single or Multi location operations
Equally effective for an operator managing a single location or multiple facilities.

Static and Roaming Customers
Uniquely, Meter Macs will track and record utility usage of mobile customers e.g. Marinas, Ports, Touring Caravan Parks…

Online Payments
Having been alerted by Automated system generated email or checked their 24/7 Dashboard, your customer can make secure payments via the secure portal connected to their Dashboard. Receipts are automatically generated and emailed. All payments are directly deposited into the operator’s bank account.

Asset Monitoring
Customers are able to manage there own account which takes the need for you, the supplier, to take enquiries about accounts as the customer has control over their own system.